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Hello and Welcome to Enlightened

Glad you're here.

I am Jeannine Millan the owner of this site Enlightened Oils.

My passion has been the oils, natural products, and continuing education for the

people on how to use essential oils safely. Specifically, that I am a Massage

Therapist gear some classes and education for them.

I have developed several unique natural products for wound care, muscle and joint issues and soreness, and a special line of products including a spiritual healing kit, and chakra spray for energy workers. I offer a short course for Reiki practitioners or those who work with chakras (e.g.massage therapists and yoga practitioners) as well.

I have two online courses currently:

  • Aroma Detox Massage course (a similar course to Raindrop) for detox and spinal alignment,

  • Aromatherapy for Therapists course covers twelve oils and four blends that help RMT, Licenced Massage Therapists to feel comfortable using and applying essential oils in their practise.

Few massage therapy training courses offer a significant course or education on

essential oils currently so I feel I can offer these online programs to fill the gap.

Since the site is just building now below is some information you will see as we publish more on the site.

 Short video training on how to make an essential oil or blend spray.

 Short video training on how to create a perfume or blend roller.

 Short video training on how to make your own massage blends.

 Blogs with in-depth descriptions of the oils I carry. Currently I have thirty-

eight single oils and twelve blends.

 Short video on the Chakra Sprays and how to use them. There will be a

Spiritual Healing Course coming up soon as well.

Stay tuned for more helpful articles about essential oils and natural products, how to's and how to treat many common problems people experience using essential oils and my products.

As you go through the site feel free to send me your impression of the site and

what information you would like to see available on the site.

- Jeannine Millan

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