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About Enlightened Oils

Lifelong Passion for Essential Oils


I'm Jeannine Millan.

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My Story

Jeannine Millan

RMT, CA, Usui Reiki Master, Teacher and Facilitator

I am a Calgary based Registered Massage Therapist, Registered  Aromatherapist, and Usui Reiki Master. As a mobile therapist, I have enjoyed combining all of my areas of expertise for personalized, holistic treatments.


More recently, I have been assisting new moms in preparation for how to cope with the constant changes and issues in their bodies which, I find as a therapist, quite rewarding. Over the years in my career, I have developed and presented numerous workshops for professional therapists and enthusiasts.


Since 1999, I have introduced over 400 students to the healing benefits of Reiki, including several that have been initiated as masters.

While practicing in the aromatherapy field, I have taught over 400 students the benefits of the Aroma Detox Massage Technique, a practical therapy for spinal alignment and general detoxification for the body.


Since 2011, I have focused on teaching massage therapists how to incorporate the benefits of essential oils into their practice.


In 2013, I conducted two courses at the annual conference of the National Healthcare Practitioners of Canada that is the largest Massage Association in Canada.


My career is actually just beginning as I intend to keep on teaching and learning about alternative healing methods for the future that I will share with everyone who is interested in learning about alternative healing.

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