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All about the Fall October 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Well even though the weather here in Alberta has been extra nice above seasonal norms we will begin to see the cooler temps prevail soon.

I will focus on Cinnamon both the Leaf oil and the Bark oil as my oil of the month they both will be offered at a 15% discount from Oct 18 to November 13, 2022. I wrote about the 2 oils in my Blog this past spring.

Enlightened Oils carries 2 types of Cinnamon, one is bark and one is leaf however there is a third oil that derives from the Cinnamon tree called Root.

There is a big price difference between the oils. The Bark is not as plentiful and can end the life of the tree whereas the leaf can be distilled without the whole tree perishing. Therefore, the bark is often 3 x the cost of the leaf.

Bark Oil

· High in Cinnamaldeyde

· Strongest anti-bacterial known

· Lower in Eugenol

· Beneficial in dealing with viruses and contagious diseases

· Has a richer scent over the leaf oil

Choose bark when the above-mentioned benefits are crucial to your blend or purpose.

Leaf Oil

· High in Eugenol usually 80-95% which are good for issues with the mouth or teeth use as a rinse agent for infections

· Lower in Cinnamaldehyde so less likely to irritate over the bark oil

· Stimulating to the nervous and immune systems

· Skin and mucous membrane irritants

· Scent is similar to Clove Bud

The leaf oil would be better for softer cinnamon scent and for tooth or gum issues both oils are excellent for adding to muscular or bone applications and for Diabetics they can benefit using the ground cinnamon in their food daily as it helps reduce the sugars in the blood.

Keep in mind for both types of Cinnamon to keep to a 1 % dilution (average oils to carrier oils for topical application is 3%). When blending, this oil is like Ylang Ylang will take over so keep to under 5% of the blends total volume. Its higher though in my Enlightened Xmas blend this year cause its key to the overall Xmas scent.

I would avoid bathing with a blend that has either Cinnamons in it, keep to the rubs and diffusers. Excellent for teeth issues you can dilute it in coconut oil and rub on if you have tooth infection or swelling. Avoid applying to the face or near the eyes and its too strong for the young children.

Next months topic is the Seasonal Blend Enlightened Xmas will be featured.

Check out the live courses I just posted on the site and through NHPC member site as well.

Reiki One and Two are available through Nov and December. Great Discount when you pay for both up front.

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