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Aroma Detox Massage- Online Video Course

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Aroma Detox Massage – Online Course uses the power of essential oils, Vita Flex massage techniques, basic back and leg massage and a heat application. This technique is utilized for systemic ailments, spinal alignment problems, viral infections, and detoxification. The Aroma Detox Massage class covers this popular spa and clinic treatment for detox and spinal alignment. Students learn the basics about the essential oils and blends and techniques used in the treatment. Also covered are Contra Indications and Cautions, blending for the treatment. *Please note: To receive a certificate of completion for educational credits with NHPC once you have completed the course and video, return the answers and case study notes to me. The course includes a Aroma Detox Kit in 12 ml size of 7 single oils and 3 blends a 60 ml of Unrefined Avocado oil. *Case Studies Requirement: Usually in a live class the students observe me giving a treatment and participate in the hands on, then each student would give and receive a treatment within the class structure. When its distance like the Ebook course I ask that the students conduct 3 treatments on friends, family or colleagues make notes about the observations of the assessment process as listed in the Ebook. As well how the treatment went and follow up with each person 2 days after the treatment was administered. Please note that this course is not recommended for pregnant therapists or while they are breast feeding.

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