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Jeannine Millan

My main focus within the essential oil industry to educate and assist others in utilizing essential oils safely and sparingly.

I want to broaden the level of awareness about essential oils and to value their powerful effects.


To do this I offer instructional online courses and provide the essential oil kits or sprays for the various courses.

As of 2021, I have instructed over 700 therapists on the use of essential oils and the Aroma Detox Massage treatment, and Reiki levels 1 through Mastery.  Now beginning my teacher journey with the new Aromatic Energywork.

Read more about my background and training...


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Picture of Tracy for testimonials-min

RMT Tracy, Alberta Canada

Sports Gel
I personally luv your sore muscle blend for my shoulders. Its smells so good and I
get pain relief after massaging clients all day.

I also use your ligament and blend on my sore foot. It gives me relief from
plantar fasciitis and I luv the smell of lemongrass.


Ilona G, Kimberly BC

I would like to send a review on Enlightened Hands  ULTIMATE  OUTDOOR KIT


The kit includes  healing balm, muscle and  joint gel , recovery spray , sun shine cream and lip balm


It is the nicest lip balm I have ever used.  It is very moisturizing and has a lovely smell . not too strong but enough to enjoy it.  


The healing balm works very well. Cuts and wounds heal very quickly and no scar is left.


The Muscle balm helps with my arthritis of the hip.   I started to use it when my hip was very sore and quickly the pain improved.


I am looking forward to using a natural product for sun protection this summer.  It is a good eco friendly option 


 Over all the kit is great for travelling as it includes just the right amount and kind  of products needed for a trip . whether it is an active adventure trip or a trip to a lovely beach.


 I recommend the kit.  The vendor is very knowledgeable and has her certificate in Aromatherapy.

Picture of Ryan for Testimonials

The Sun and Wind Spray is very refreshing after skating outdoors. I actually take great
satisfaction when my cheeks get flushed when I come back inside, and now the
Sun and Wind spray is another good contrast to add to the mix.
The Sports Gel is just the ticket between my shoulder blades after shoveling
the snow off our big driveway.

Dorothy P photo for site-min

D Peckham RMT Cold Lake, Alberta 

Dec 2021

I HIGHLY recommend the Enlightened Oils products! I have used many different
essential oil brands in the past and Enlightened Oils, by far, had proven to be the
best. As a Massage Therapist I want to provide my clients with optimal care when
integrating aromatherapy into my treatments. Aromatherapy for Therapists
and Aroma Detox Massage; courses taught by Jeannine were educating and
interesting. The knowledge she provides is amazing. Any Massage therapists
looking to further their CCE credits should look into her courses. Another good
option when getting into oils and wanting some key ones to start out!


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