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Aug 5, 2023 - Aug 5, 2023

Aroma Detox Massage-Live course August @ Cochrane

  • 1Day
  • 2Steps


Aroma Detox Massage –Live Course August 5, 2023 10 - 5 p.m. held in Cochrane Alberta uses the power of essential oils, Vita Flex massage techniques, basic back and leg massage and a heat application. This technique is utilized for systemic ailments, spinal alignment problems, viral infections, and detoxification. The Aroma Detox Massage class covers this popular spa and clinic treatment for detox and spinal alignment. Students learn the basics about the essential oils and blends and techniques used in the treatment. This treatment has been called Raindrop Technique, Rainbow Therapy by other companies and or trainers. Also covered are Contra Indications and Cautions, blending for the treatment. We begin with covering some history, basics about essential oils and specifically the 7 oils used in the treatment along with the 3 blends as well. Then I will complete a treatment on a non-student while the students observe and get to practice some of the techniques used. We will break for lunch then and in the afternoon each student will give and receive a full treatment. Then Q and A to finish off the day. I will send each student a link to my full treatment video for you to watch and solidify the training or as a refresher. You will receive a kit that contains the 7 single oils, 3 blends in 12 ml size and a 60 ml of Unrefined Avocado oil as the starter base oil to use along the back. The kit value is $150.00 August 5, 2023 in Cochrane, AB

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