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Aroma Therapy for Therapists Online course

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A Therapist’s Review of 12 Essential Oils and 4 Conditions Published by Enlightened Hands ©2015 By Jeannine Millan RMT, CA, Usui Reiki Master, Teacher and Facilitator I am a Alberta, Canada based Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Aromatherapist, and Usui Reiki Master. Since 1999, I have introduced over 350 students to the healing benefits of Reiki, including several that have been initiated as masters. While practicing in the aromatherapy field, I have taught over 400 students the benefits of the Aroma Detox Massage Technique, a practical therapy for spinal alignment and general detoxification for the body. Since 2011, I have focused on teaching massage therapists how to incorporate the benefits of essential oils into their practice. I share with your my insights and knowledge about Aroma Therapy for Therapists in this course. We cover History, Pregnancy, Blending, Carrier oils, and more. The 12 essential oils I feel RMT's would likely use for their clients, 4 conditions are covered Headaches, Sore Muscles, Bone and Joint issues and Relaxation for Stress Relief. A kit is included with the course fee of the 12 oils and 4 blends related to the conditions in 5 ml bottles. All the oils are either Organic, Wild Grown, Wildcrafted or Bio Grown.

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